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I'm sitting in a house completely devoid of sugary snack foods while suffering from what can only be described as a serious all day sugar craving. Your haystacks are only safe because it is too late at night for me to come to your front door begging for one! ;)



Here it is early morning in Virginia, and I'm suppose to be thinking about an energizing, healthy breakfast. Now my mind is turning toward something that is really fun to eat. Oh the struggles that pictures and words bring.



YUM! that sounds delicious AND the fact that Ansley can make them makes it even better! we have Ansley's birthday party tomorrow, so it may take us a few days to get to it, but we'll be making these soon! :) have a happy weekend, and thanks for sharing!


I am so impressed by your blog! I can't believe you have time to do all the amazing things you do and post such beautiful pictures and even a science lesson!
Are you sure your name isn't Martha Stewart? :-)


Oh - yummy! I sure do remember those... and, now may have to make them with Alex as well! Thanks for the recipe ;)


Can I please have the recipe for Boston Creme pie?
Thank you soooo much!!!

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