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Wow Ashley! Scot and I want to move in with you guys! You always seem to have so much fun. I think we're going to set up an outdoor movie night for just the two of us, with maybe some haystacks to go with it! I also might have to have a tea party with my teddy bears so I can have an excuse to make those yummy bear treats you and Olivia made. Keep blogging!


this looks like such fun! we have talked about doing this when the kids were older - mainly when Christian was older - hadn't thought about putting him down first! i bet Olivia had a blast! i LOVE creating sweet traditions and memories like these!


sounds like a perfect night. that was one of my favorite movies when i was younger too. i bet olivia really had a grand time.


Now this idea was a really cool one! I'd enjoy doing that sometime myself. I bet Olivia had a grand time, along with her parents. Did Anna Belle participate?



Very fun idea I've never thought of! :)

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