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What a blessing for Olivia to have her great-grandparents take the time to pass down their apple butter tradition and to teach her about canning. Often today families don't take the time together to learn from the older generation. I love the picture of Olivia hugging your Granddad. :)


I'm sure Olivia will remember this for the rest of her life. What a special time. :-)
We have the *SAME* sieve that we use to make applesauce. The little trademark stamp on your close up even looks the same as ours. It was passed down to my from my grandmother who was also married in 1940.
In fact, the first day we officially homeschooled, my grandmother came to our house to teach the girls to make and can applesauce.

Aunt Jane

Ashley, you have recorded a family tradition for posterity. Thanks, because I do not want that tradition to stop. I am glad that Olivia was provided the opportunity to experience this special apple butter process from start to finish. She looked very envolved all the way through. She has joined an elite group of young girls that has witnessed the process of this delicious topping for bread.



Creating these memories for Olivia (and you) will last a lifetime. I'm so pleased that you took the time and initiative to enjoy this time and this experience with your granddad.

Love you,



So sweet! I love all the neat traditions that your family passes down. What great memories for Olivia, and Isaac as soon as he's old enough! :)

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