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Interesting! This is funny, because I was just talking about this with some Moms last week, about what stain removers work, how we keep kids clothes clean, etc. I am no laundry expert, so I haven't heard of any of these tricks! But I do agree with your boy vs girl statement. :) And I also like clean clothes! I have used Zout for awhile now - it does a pretty good job, but there are some stains it can't get. I will have to try your recommendations! Thanks! :)


OK, you people, be kind on little Isaac. I believe I remember another little girl (name not to be mentioned) that produces spots as well.



Dad, I know I did and do produce spots. Now that I have a protruding belly again, I definately make my share of spots. Something about a protruding belly that catches anything and everything dropped. :)

I'm just saying, boys typically make more spots than girls. Especially in my house, where the little girl has always hated dirt and the little boy loves being outside in the dirt and all things dirty. :)


Thanks so much for the laundry tips - much needed around the McGill house! I am Shout fan as well, but I've never heard of De-Solv-it. Where did you order it?

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