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Happy spring! :) Daffodils always make me smile. We enjoyed them at the park last week too. Would you mind sharing your cake recipe sometime? Have a great day!


We are loving the daffodils around here as well. That cake looks delicious! Hope you are enjoying spring! :)


looked like a fun day to be out and about surrounded by daffs. i didn't know your favorite color was yellow. did i?



I have missed the daffodils that we used to have, both in Oxford and the New Hope community. When Woody and I go out now, I enjoy casting my eyes at them and remembering the sights and sounds of days gone by. They are one of my very favorite flowers.


Aunt Jane

Ashley, what great pictures and story about daffodils and Springtime. DaySpring web site has pictured a flowerpot with "Love Letters from God" written on the side. I agree! Early spring flowers always make me smile and it is a reminder that God loves us and made everything beautiful---especially the first spring flowers.


Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers--but I call them buttercups! I thought all Mississippi girls called them that--guess not. :)

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