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honey crisp is my favorite, but can only find them once in a while. so when i do find them, i relish every bite.


Very fun science! I've never even heard of so many kinds of apples. I am a fan of Gala apples myself.


Love the chart! We did something similar a few years ago, but you have FAR more varieties than we did. I think you got bad Golden Delicious ones though. Ours here are crisp, not soft. They aren't our favorite to eat, but are our favorite for applesauce. Jonagold, honey crisp and gala are our favorites to eat. You'd think our favorite to eat would make our favorite applesauce, not so. We were surprised.


I just noticed you DID NOT like galas! :-( They are our stand by. Maybe since they all come in at different times, the ones you had in season were better...galas can get mealy and yuck at the end of the season. We tried Arkansas Black this year...yuck.

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