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It looks like fun to decorate your bigger gingerbread men. :) Hmmm. I wonder what the giveaway is! My first guess was ginger tea since you are the queen of themes :) but then I thought that Olivia and Isaac might not drink it. So I went back in the archives to do a little research to see what you had for the 2008 annual gingerbread men tea. It was hot chocolate. So since you are also a mom who loves traditions my official guess is hot chocolate. :)


Your Mom and I say milk. Did we win?



Well, Renee is probably right since she looked back in the archives- was that a legal move in the game? Definitely smart. But after looking at the cookies, milk sure would taste good with those. But that was mom and dads answer. So my answer will be...because I have to be different... apple cider.


OK Ashley, we are all wanting the answer. Let us have it.



So cute! This reminds me of the rice krispie snowmen that Olivia and Ansley made when the girls were just little. :) Do you remember that?

But on to the giveaway. :) Hmm...I agree that you like themes, so I'm going with gingerbread milk. I don't know what it is, but it's what I'm going with. :)


Can you make some of these when you are in Arkansas?


Since it was tea time Tuesday... did you have tea? I know - way, way too late but couldn't resist!

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