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we too had snow this morning ( south germany) but we are not happy.
this year there was just to much of it. so the first thing on of the twins said was.
"no not more snow!"
your soup looks delicious.


What fun each of you had. This winter has been a real treat for Olivia, Isaac, and Joshua, and I can tell. Here in Virginia, we still have piles of snow on the ground and am ready for spring weather.



I like your snowman's hair! :) And hat! I agree that your lunch looks yummy too. It would've liked some of that soup for dinner last night. It was freezing here yesterday but no snow to enjoy. I'll have to find out how you make your snow ice cream. We only had one opportunity to try it this year and it didn't turn out. I'm glad you got one more day of Southern snow to enjoy before spring is right around the corner!


your family has fun of snow days. wish we lived closer so i could have some ant playtime with the kiddos too. that's the cutest snowgirl ever. she looks like a hippie girl with dreadlocks that just stepped off the olympic slopes of whistler mountain.
the snowflake grilled cheese with tomato soup looks delish and snow ice cream is always a fan favorite. wonder if they served that at the winter olympics?!
you're a good mom :)
love ya.

Aunt Jane

We had a beautiful wet snow last week that lasted one full day. The trees were just stunning! Family and neighbors gathered in our big back yard to enjoy the snow, and before the afternoon was over, there were two big snowmen. However, I have to say, neither of them were as good as the two snowmen that your family has built this winter. How do you have such clean snowmen? Ours never turn out without leaves or dirt mixed in with the snow. Michael, Olivia, Isaac, and you get an A+ for creativity and good looks. Snow ice cream is such a treat. Yours looks so good.

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