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I have just finished a wonderful meal here in New York, but I did not have a desert that looks that good. I, too, remember those days, both the preparation and the enjoyment of eating it. Let's fix some when we are together for Olivia's birthday party!



Yum! Can't wait for the tutorial. It looks like something my kids would really get in to. I have never heard of this, but it does remind me of one of my favorite restaurants as a kid - they served flower pot bread and it was yummy! Might be something else to try? :)


I have a young friend who comes to visit and she loves to do things with me in the kitchen. This is a great idea. She and I will both enjoy this.

Marcia (123 blog)

what a great idea - I have TONS of formula cans that I can use :)


Yes! We always baked pumpkin bread in coffee cans, too, which is kind of funny because nobody in my family drank coffee. I'm so lucky I had a friend collect cans for me just before they stopped making them so that my girls and I can continue the tradition.

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