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There is so much to see and so little time, so why not drive and sightsee until you drop! That has been my philosophy over the years and we are still implementing that approach. Memories are created, education is enriched, and relationships are strengthened through these experiences. I'm glad that we were able to assist and be with the entire family at this special wedding in the west.



Hi Ashley. :) I enjoyed seeing your pictures from your busy sightseeing day. We were able to go the summit of Pike's Peak also. It was a breathtaking view. When I saw Olivia with her hood pulled up, it reminded me how cold and windy it was at the top. We were there in June also. I also remember the curvy road up for me being pregnant. ;) We visited Focus on the Family also. We had intended to take the tour where they discuss their ministry but we spent all our time playing! Sarah was not tall enough for the huge slide yet. We didn't visit the cave dwellings so that was really interesting to see your photos. Also, the Air Force academy was closed to tours for national security reasons at the time we were there. You were able to take some beautiful pictures of the chapel. Thanks for sharing!

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