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wendi scheck

What an awesome house for you to make a home. God's blessings on making many wonderful memories. Tell everyone we said hello.
The Schecks

Renee McGill

What a wonderful choice for your family! Although I am just a bit partial to house 3# ;) Can't wait to visit!


I guessed right.:) It's because that's the house I would have chosen too - out in the country. John and I have talked about that a lot the last several years - wanting to have some land and get chickens and let our kids run around in nature instead of a backyard. But we're still dreaming - glad you have yours! :) Can't wait to see it Ashley-ized! :)

Carmen Monrovia

All four of them look amazing. You guys must have had a hard time picking the best house among these. I must say, you made a great choice with that brick house. I can imagine running freely around a space that big. So how did everything go since you guys moved? I would love to read all about it.

Richelle Jelsma

This selection is just so pretty, I must say. The brick house caught my eye, and the rest look splendid too. A space that big is what your growing family needs. The kids will surely love to be surrounded by such wonders of nature.

Kathrine Landau

All the four houses have charming, unique features, and you probably had a hard time choosing which one to purchase! Anyway, I also think the brick house is an excellent choice. The spacious lot is its advantage over the others. Plus, it looks more cozy and peaceful. Maybe it’s also because of the location. I’m sure your kids will definitely enjoy your new house.

Fernando Bouley

I’ll go for the brick house, too, Ashley! The spacious front yard is very welcoming, and it would be a great spot for get together gatherings! Did you know that brick resist termites, and has a greater fire resistance? It also doesn’t require much maintenance.

Ofelia Bertrand

I honestly love all the houses, but if I were to choose one, I’d pick the second house. Though all the choices have a beautiful environment, the second one has a huge lawn. You’ve been blessed with amazing options! I’m sure you had a hard time choosing which house to purchase. I hope, by now you’ve found the house that you’ve been looking for.

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