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And I know Mississippi is proud to have you back home as well! I enjoyed looking back at the past year through your pictures. I guess I thought the blog had been laid to rest, but I see that it may be back on life support. I'm just not into facebook and don't plan on going there. E-mail is too much for me to keep up with.


Aunt Jane

Home is where your family and friends are---no matter where you live. However, there is always a period of adjustment to the new environment when you move. I can tell by the pictures you posted that you are indeed back home again. Thanks for sharing, Ashley!


We are thankful to have you back making Mississippi home again. Your list made me smile (especially since my girls faces made the list!) Thanks again for having us to your lovely new home for an afternoon full of fall activities. I was in such a hurry when we left I forgot to give you an extra hug for your birthday this week. :) God bless you on your birthday tomorrow!


So glad you all have returned home. It is always hard to move, but God teaches so many valuable lessons along the way!

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