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Dressing. Made with homemade cornbread and poured into a casserole dish and baked. I wouldn't eat it if it was inside of the turkey. Seems yucky to me. Plenty of black pepper and sage. :)


Dressing. Derek's Mamaw Wilson's is the best I've ever eaten. I've been known to get seconds of her dressing instead of dessert.;) Outside the bird in two gigantic pans. She uses homemade cornbread and biscuits. I would love to learn to make it like her but first I'd have to learn how to make her cornbread and biscuits!

Vicki Stuettgen

Stuffing, outside, cornbread base...but...a cousin's niece from Arkansas made it. If we were back in WI, half the white-bread-based stuffing would have been cooked inside & half outside since some prefer in & some out. Also, my mother-in-law from WI always cooks it with gizzards, livers , & hearts in it of which I am not a fan... :). Happy Thanksgiving!


Dressing made with cornbread served outside of the bird. Homemade broth from a rotisserie chicken adds scrumptious flavor.

Mary Boxx

Dressing - our family recipe originates with my grandmother Hardcastle (my mother's mother). It possibly may go back another generation or more. It's made from freshly baked cornbread and biscuits as the base. It's mixed with the remaining ingredients and baked in a pan. My mother's dressing always tastes better than mine, but that is not surprising--she is a gifted cook--even at age 89! Pretty amazing!


I grew up eating stuffing (made with bread cooked inside the bird). I didn't start eating dressing (made with cornbread cooked in a pan outside the bird) after I married. Both of my parents families are from "up north". I saw dressing on school cafeteria trays but never ate it. I love both now and eat both at Thanksgiving.


Dressing. Cooked outside the bird, and made with biscuits. Also with bacon, which I think makes it yummy! And possibly very Southern. ;)

Amy brooker

Dressing... Made from dry bread cubes. Yum! Cooked
in a casserole dish with enough broth to keep it
from getting too dry and seasoned with sage. Love the crusty edges.

Mike Jones

Dressing - even though I enjoy claiming Mississippi as my home state, I grew up in Illinois, where we still called it dressing. Mom used white bread to make it but I didn't like it. In Mississippi I was introduced to cornbread dressing (baked outside the Turkey) and I love it!!
Happy Thanksgiving Olivia!

Camellia and Lauren thomas

Stuffing: Now that we send alot of our Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family from New York. My mother in law makes great stuffing out of pepperridge farm stuffing mix and yes she stuffs some in the turkey and it is super moist. However, growing up in Mississippi I still remember having cornbread dressing with sage and other seasoning. I love them both. Happy Thanksgiving!


Non-traditional stuffing...made a mushroom and chestnut filling and stuffed the breast of the turkey

Aunt Jane

The Johnson's eat dressing made with cornbread and baked in a casserole dish. It is neither wet nor dry----just moist. I like to pour some turkey gravy over my dressing. Yum!


Dressing- outside the bird made with cornbread . It was good but nobody's dressing will ever be as good as NeNe's.

Barbara Lee

Our family eats dressing, made from cornbread with a few biscuits. I have usually cooked it in a pan in the oven, but for the past few years, I have actually used a recipe for Crock Pot Dressing. It is very moist and contains the same ingredients as my regular dressing.


We enjoyed cornbread dressing at both the Lee and Kirk Thanksgiving meal.


Sorry I didn't eat stuffing. Only dressing.


Dressing. Mom's is best anywhere.

Kitty Mann

My sister-in-law made the dressing. It was so yummy! It was made basically with cornbread and also some white bread with turkey drippings, celery, onion, etc.


I don't eat stuffing or dressing but we always have dressing.

Debby Reid

My grandmother always made the dressing at Thanksgiving. After she passed away, I inherited the job. I make my dressing out of cornbread and biscuits, just like my grandmother always made it.

Lacey Hudgins



We call it stuffing! I've only ever heard it called that up here in our area (just north of Boston).

We cook plain stuffing inside the turkey (to appease the pickier palates, lol) and then make up a big dish of "dressed up" stuffing: cranberries, apples, sausage and cornbread.

Good luck with your poll!

~ Dawn

LaWanna Joyner

Ok, so I guess I am a dressing snob. In all my years, I've never eaten stuffing. I am sure it has many fans, but I'm not one of them and don't really want to try it. Can't unknown pieces parts get into the stuffing? OK, I am a southern girl who really (don't tell my Mom) doesn't like dressing either. Just give me the good ol' cornbread with plenty of butter and I'm in heaven!! The baton has been passed in my family as this year my sister is the first in our generation to make the dressing. She used her crock pot, go figure!! I hear it was delicious.

Tanya W

It's called stuffing here in Western Canada :) I cook mine outside the bird and use white (or brown) bread as a base with other extras (cranberries/apples/sometimes nuts) added in. Hope your poll goes well!


here in southern Indiana we eat dressing; made with white bread, diced celery and onions, chicken broth to keep it moist, baked as a casserole. My mom never used spices in her cooking; I'm going to add sage to my dressing next year and see how it tastes. My mother-in-law made dressing with Pepperidge Farm bag and added the chopped up giblets, baked in a casserole. I didn't like it very much.

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