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My mom was born and raised in Cincinnati, but never ever stuffed the bird (though she did add a couple of pieces of bread, celery and onions to the inside of the turkey for flavoring the bird). We always called it dressing. Our family moved to the south when I was a year old, and my siblings pre-teens/teens, and I grew up there. In later years she did start adding corn bread, southern style.

I did it the same way when we were first married. I live in Japan, and my closest American friend here grew up in New England. After a couple of years of watching me do it that way for Thanksgiving she asked me why in the world I didn't stuff the "stuffing" into the bird! I said, "I don't know. This is the way my Mama always did it, because she said it gets too soggy inside the bird." But, I got curious, and tried stuffing the next year - and I've been stuffing ever since. :o) It turns out that I like the moist stuffing, and my family does as well. Besides, I always have left over stuffing that won't fit in the bird, which I then bake, so we get a taste of both styles anyway.

(Fun survey - I popped over from Dawn's By Sun and Candlelight blog.)


My family makes Irish stuffing, made with mashed potatoes, lots of butter, sausage, onions, and "Bell's Seasoning" (a popular New England seasoning blend). Used both in the bird and in a side pan. Anyone else ever hear of Irish stuffing? I think you have to be born into it to like it.


Norhtern gal here (Boston) and we eat stuffing. Years ago it was half inside and half outside the bird, but now we just bake it in a casserloe dish. Toasted and crumbled white bread, sauted celery and onions and bell's seasoning, along with butter, a little oil and stock. My mom makes the BEST!! I also love the crunchy top and edges. my sister made cornebread stuffing one year and I LOVED it, but no one else did. my dad's side of the family makes sausage stuffing which I always found disgusting!



We made BOTH cornbread and white bread stuffing. The white bread stuffing was baked in the turkey and the cornbread was baked in a Pyrex. We don't have a special ingredient.

Beth S

We eat stuffing. It is cooked in the bird, and made with crushed milk crackers. I love it, and find much of the bread stuffing too mushy in comparison. (And there is NO meat in our version, either)


We eat dressing here in Canada. Made with dry white bread (We have a corn allergy in my family) but really, corn bread dressing is not really heard of here anyway. My mom's is wet & sometimes cooked inside the bird, my mother inlaw's is dry and always cooked outside of the bird~ both are called dressing. ~ Have fun with your poll!~lisa

Theresa Korte

Stuffing! Visiting via By Sun and Candlelight Blog :)


Stuffing, inside the bird, white bread base, must have a little sage added


Never had anything but "stuffing, inside the bird" made with seasoned bread crumbs with lots of poultry seasoning and oysters. We will have this again on Christmas and at least two or three more times before next Thanksgiving.

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It's called stuffing here in Western Canada :) I cook mine outside the bird and use white (or brown) bread as a base with other extras (cranberries/apples/sometimes nuts) added in. Hope your poll goes well!

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