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heading south of the equator

Lovely! Looks like you're going to have wonderful produce.


The garden is growing nicely. Where is a picture of the okra?


Jamie Keifer

You are having a bountiful harvest there, Ashley. You can probably cook a dish using your produce. That’s one of the benefits of growing vegetables on your backyard. You can have your own home grown fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, you’ll be sure that you are serving your family a healthy cooked meal from your harvest.

Shona Martinez

"That’d be the best way to start my day—to take a peek at my garden as the sun rises. It’s energizing, isn’t it? If I had the same bountiful harvest like that, I’ll be cooking my all time veggie soup! Hehehe… Hey have you read about the “Garden Soup”? I bet you’ll be interested in it. Here’s the recipe:

Elizaveta Kramer

Those vegetables look so fresh and appetizing. You’ve got some beautiful harvest ahead of you, Ashley. You’re taking really good care of them. Gardening must be one of your passions that you allow your plants and vegetables to grow incredibly healthy. I salute you for all the hard work you’ve done for your garden. Stunning!

Elizaveta Kramer

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