> Olivia's 9th Birthday

Mystery Party Invitation
Birthday Girl
White roses
Buffet table with jeweled glasses
White roses in pitcher
Olivia's "Pearl" Goblet
Guess how many kisses are in the jar?
Footprints leading inside
Joshua & Melanie
Observing the Mystery Plate
The Mystery Plate
Types of Fingerprints
Joshua & Nick
Decoding a message
Decoded Message
Mystery box
Joshua & Granddad
Sherlock Isaac
Revealing another clue
Revealed Clue
Stack of magazines
Magazine hunt
Page with a clue
Unscrambling letters to figure out next clue
Unscrambled letters
Balloon Pop
Balloon Pop
Solving another clue
Mystery Menu
Eating a Mystery Lunch
Eating a Mystery Lunch
Mystery Lunch
Olivia's "Muddy Cow"
Mystery Menu Key
Mirror Image Clue
Yarn Maze and Pull Pinata
Untangling the mystery of the yarn maze
Untangling the yarn maze
Next Clue
Olivia's Birthday Cake
Olivia and her friends
Lit candles
Lit candles
Blowing out candles
Blowing out candles
The Birthday Girl with her cake