> Olivia's 9th Birthday

Eating cake
Whose Shoeprint? Game
Opening presents
Top Secret gift from Secret Agent Mary Katherine
Reading card from Granddad & Grandma
The "No Longer" Missing Pearl Necklace
Silly faces
Olivia with Granddad & Grandma
Family Picture
Olivia & Nick
Olivia with Scot & Lesley
Olivia & Melanie
Party Favor
Party Favor
A note
A note
Olivia in front of American Girl
The Birthday Girl
Olivia helping Felicity and Samantha order
Olivia's Warm Pretzel Bread
Cheese Fondue and Pink Lemonade
Olivia's lunch - Picnic Time
Birthday Cookie at American Girl
Blowing out candle at American Girl
Olivia with her Friendship Bracelet Maker
Olivia's cake and pink gerber daisies
Pink Polka Dotted Birthday Cake
Olivia with Cake
Olivia blowing out candles
Eaten cake